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Amazon is practically synonymous with online shopping—not only in the United States but globally as well.

To break into local markets around the world, your Amazon listings need to hit home in every potential customer’s native tongue. Businesses with a high volume of eCommerce products often find it difficult to keep up with continuous translation needs while controlling quality and costs. That’s where we come in.

Acclaro offers Amazon translation services, delivered swiftly without sacrificing quality. Not only will your listings be professionally translated, you’ll have a trusted partner helping you broaden your reach with a customized localization program.

Decades of eCommerce translation expertise on your side

Acclaro has been in the localization game long before most people had even heard of Amazon. With over two decades of eCommerce translation experience, we can help you create an expert localization strategy that meets your business’ goals.

When you partner with Acclaro, you’ll be working with a knowledgeable team of in-country translators and editors led by a dedicated project manager who’s with you from start to finish. Your listings will be thoroughly localized and translated by professionals experienced with the Amazon marketplace, including Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

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Comprehensive Amazon translation services

Acclaro’s Amazon listing translation services cover everything from product titles to product descriptions to product details. They even include Amazon ad copy, image captions, customer reviews and keywords. We also provide transcription and translation for product demo videos, including video subtitles, captions and voiceover recording.

You’ll always have clarity, as we provide recommendations and guidance regarding human translation and machine translation with a human post-editing step, also known as hybrid translation. Hybrid translation can be ideal for Amazon product listings, as it reduces turnaround time and costs.

The tools you need to get it done

We utilize the latest translation tools and technologies to minimize manual processes, making your translations more efficient and easier to manage. Thanks to our translation memory technology, you’ll never have to pay for the same translation twice. This tool will save you both time and money while guaranteeing consistency with your previous translations.

Amazon translation services are also seamlessly integrated into your My Acclaro translation portal where you have on-demand access to self-service tools and reports for requesting, managing, tracking and viewing the progress of your translations.

Reach new markets with a partner you can trust

When it comes to eCommerce on a global scale, you need a trustworthy partner whose solutions meet your needs and are scalable as you grow. At Acclaro, we do more than translate. We take the time to understand your overall business goals and work alongside you to ensure your translation needs meet them. The result is impactful product copy that helps your Amazon listings stand out from the pack in any language.

Discover how Acclaro can help you create a powerful Amazon strategy and launch your brand successfully to new audiences.

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