When your company has a compelling story to tell, you must make sure it’s told accurately and persuasively. This is difficult enough when trying to reach news-wary media and public relations experts in your native language.

Attempting to reach new audiences with press releases in their native language presents many challenges and pitfalls. To ensure that your press releases stand out and get published, you need the guidance of translation experts who know your brand and your target market, along with their customs and nuances. Press release translation services are essential.

This is no time to take chances.    

Amplify Your Story with Social Media

The days of writing a press release, submitting it to the newswire and kicking your feet up are over. Your story needs to be told repeatedly—and persuasively—to resonate with your audience. 

Social media is a powerful channel to engage your followers and attract new audiences. Acclaro can help make sure your translated press release is turned around with speed and accuracy, so you can share it online with timeliness in your local markets.

A True Extension of Your Team

Acclaro has decades of translation and localization experience in 100+ languages. Our professionals can work with your company’s processes and timelines to truly become an extension of your team, so your press releases inform and compel the media to run with them.  

We offer a dedicated project manager along with a team of translators—including in-country linguists—that know the subtleties of each language, understand the demands of today’s turnaround times and can create a consistent, compelling press release message. 

Your Own Translation Management Portal

A human touch is still the best way to connect to other humans, of course, however Acclaro knows that automation and powerful digital tools can also expedite projects and keep them on time and on budget.

To this end, we offer My Acclaro: a translation management platform that lets you initiate, manage and track translations with speed and efficiency. No more surprises. No more costly delays. (Timing is everything with most press releases.) My Acclaro let’s you easily integrate with content platforms such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive (and others) to quickly initiate the translation of your press releases.

Casting a wider net for new audiences offers exciting new opportunities for growth. It also offers new possibilities for miscommunication if your press releases are not professionally translated on time and with care. See how Acclaro can help your story resonate with a range of marketing translation services that are trusted around the globe.