Email marketing campaigns are often the lifeblood of business growth—from acquiring new customers to servicing current ones. More often than not, a business’ interaction with customers and prospects starts and ends with email. 

This is why professionally translated emails are so important. 

Are your email campaigns crafted with proven, expert translations that will connect with your intended audience? Do they tell a consistent story throughout every touchpoint? 

Acclaro has the expertise and proven processes to create professionally translated email campaigns (on time and on budget) that help increase engagement and conversions.

Here’s how we can help.

Digital Marketing Translations

Every step of your digital marketing funnel is an opportunity to grow your business. Incorporating professional digital marketing translations is a surefire way to connect more deeply with a multilingual audience, increasing your local leads and sales. 

Acclaro’s translators have extensive experience with long- and short-format communications, from email “drip” campaigns to customer support correspondence. Our high-quality translations can help your company attract new customers with confidence in over 140 languages.

Email Marketing Content

Lead-nurturing emails get as much as 10 times the response rate compared to one-off emails.1

However, for your emails to engage and create interest, they must speak to your audience in their language, while also adhering to your brand’s tonality and story. Subpar translations won’t cut it in today’s marketplace. Customers are too savvy. 

Acclaro has decades of experience creating customized email marketing translations that connect with audiences around the world.

Our team offers in-country linguists who know the local customs and nuances, plus they’re supported by proven processes and expert project managers who can ensure speed and efficiency. Your prospects will receive expertly localized email content translated by native speakers of their preferred language. And most importantly, your brand personality and messaging will stay intact in any region.  

Customer Support Communications 

U.S. companies lose $62 billion annually due to poor customer service. Customers today, no matter where they are, expect email support that offers fast response times with clear, concise content. 

Acclaro can help you keep your customers happy and knowledgeable with professional customer support email translations. We can help you build trust, reduce communication bottlenecks (with the usual email “back-and-forth”) and create brand champions that will grow your revenues.

Translate Emails with Complete Control

Using the My Acclaro translation management portal, you can select email content for translation, choose target languages, review translation deliverables and more. It’s a seamless, efficient platform that gives you the confidence you need to manage your multilingual email campaigns with ease. 

Email Translation Integration Support 

Acclaro offers email translation integrations with some of the most popular marketing automation and customer support platforms like Marketo, HubSpot and Zendesk.

And if you don’t use these platforms, no worries, our RestAPI can help you automate the localization process and scale your multilingual email campaign needs.  

See how Acclaro’s translation services for email marketing campaigns and customer support content can help grow your business and protect your brand across the globe.