With a custom solution for translating at the speed of business, Acclaro cut translation turnaround time in half.


A leading SaaS marketing software company came to Acclaro with two goals: to localize its corporate website and develop a pain-free system for daily updates. After helping this technology platform reach French and German markets, we set out to create an automated translation solution for ongoing content releases. The resulting long-term globalization strategy fits seamlessly into the SaaS company’s infrastructure while expanding its reach on the international front.


  • Tedious process to manually export, translate, and import daily files through Drupal CMS
  • No technology or process to track status of content updates coming from different contributors
  • No localized style guide for consistency in international sites
  • New website updates coming from multiple contributors with different approaches


Working with the client’s marketing department, we implemented a system to automate localization processes, ensure consistent brand voice and optimize site performance. The new internationalized website has touch-free functionality for the client’s marketing team. Solutions included:

  • Direct integration with Drupal CMS for automated content pickup and delivery
  • Glossary, style guide, and creative brief for web content translation and editing
  • Linguistic QA and testing protocol for quality and consistency
  • SEM optimization including keywords, titles, and descriptions

Highlights & Results

Not only does the client have a global-ready website, but we put tools in place to keep the online presence updated in all languages going forward. Our team delivered the following results:

  • User-friendly, culture-specific websites in target languages
  • Translation turnaround time cut in half
  • Reduced cost and engineering time through automated system
  • Custom solution for translating at the speed of business

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