What Our Clients Say About Us.

Our client list speaks for itself… and here’s what they say about working with Acclaro:



J. Crew

“We LOVED working with your team. You guys are a total class act and NICE. Can we get more nice vendors, please? :)”

“I can go on for hours on how much I love working with your team. You and Daniela make such an involved/complicated process easier and less stressful.”


“I want to express how much I’ve enjoyed working with the Acclaro team; you are a highly professional group and have made our localization experiences run smoothly.”


“Please know that I love working with Acclaro and everything is going perfectly! I appreciate your project managers always being on-time and meeting our due dates. Life is good!”

Neat Microphones (a Gibson Brand)

“A huge thank you to all of you at Acclaro for making our Bee microphone packaging and manuals look their best in any language. We appreciate your amazing ability to take our technical information – and even more importantly, our absurd sense of humor – and make it shine in any language. Oh, and did we mention we love your quick turnaround time as well? We look forward to more Bees (and some other interesting microphone lines) in the future. Until then, may the little Bees find a new hive at your home or work!”

American Express

“I want to emphasize that we greatly appreciate your support and partnership and value our existing relationship. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

Ab Initio

“The French team was very pleased. Thanks for your hard work and flexibility on this challenging project. Claire is such a skilled voice talent!”

True Commerce

“Thank you for being so thorough and pointing out instances where existing translations needed improvement. You really focus on providing the BEST translations for us! ”


“It is a continuous pleasure to work with your team, and I appreciate the attention to detail you have for quality, project management and process improvements.”


“Acclaro is a fantastic partner”

Jackson Wine Estates

“A BIG thank you to everyone for getting these designed, translated and produced in such short notice! I really appreciate all of your help. This was great teamwork. I have seen a dynamic change in international since we have acquired such great localization partners and internal creative resources. You are all fantastic ladies and it’s such a pleasure to work with you.”


“I have worked with several other vendors on previous projects, but with Acclaro it’s painless and well done.”

The Andy Warhol Museum

“The Andy Warhol Museum lends artworks for exhibitions all over the world. Sending physical art has its challenges—ensuring that the cultural ideas are translated accurately presents another set of daunting tasks. With a thorough process of multiple checks and balances, the Acclaro translation team facilitated an easy path. Their project management, customer service and communication are impeccable and their high-quality translation of the Warhol educational site and interactive mobile app into Chinese and Japanese will put our page views over 5 million annually.”

Kirsen Technology

“Your project team is amazing, and so is your customer support. Everyone has done an outstanding job all around helping us translate our website. It’s wonderful!”

Thomson Reuters

“We have some wacky, fast-paced schedules and Acclaro has consistently met our turnaround times. In addition, the quality and project management are excellent. Our experience has simply been great.”


“Through our partnership with Acclaro, Breastcancer.org can offer this vast online resource to the Spanish-speaking population. It’s critical to our mission that we reach the underserved Hispanic population with the support and medically vetted information about breast health and breast cancer they need now.”

Opus One Winery

“Acclaro’s refined sensitivity to local and regional cultures allowed us to express ourselves confidently and with great finesse—engaging and honoring our international customers.”


“It’s a relief to know that I have you to lean on as I ramp up in my new role supporting our localization efforts. I feel like I’m getting premium and hands-on support with every interaction. Looking forward to our continued partnership in 2021 and beyond.”


“I’ve been raving about Acclaro here at our nonprofit, TechSoup Global. Acclaro has done a superb job of localizing our NGOsource web portal into Spanish – providing top quality translations, excellent customer service and a dash of fun during the whole process.  We’re looking forward to the next round of translations!”

USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program

“We have truly appreciated Acclaro’s hard work and willingness to meet our deadlines and requests. With countless documents to translate, this was such a daunting project when we started, and our success would not have been possible without Acclaro.”


“Acclaro has a great team that fully understands our needs. They deliver projects on time and on budget. I highly recommend them.”


“Acclaro offers a full service, which sets them apart from other companies in the translation industry. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with their team. They stand out by virtue of their transparency, communication skills and availability. It’s refreshing to work with honest people who are exceptional at what they do.”