Launch Multilingual Content Easier with Translations by Acclaro

Many global brands that want to develop, manage and distribute digital content with a single hub turn to Contentful. This versatile API-first platform allows users to publish content to any digital channel with the help of hundreds of integrations. The Translations by Acclaro app is one of them, helping global enterprises launch multilingual content faster and more effectively.

Acclaro developed a Contentful translation integration to help businesses like yours rapidly create and launch web content into new markets. And all without the hassles of manual copy and paste processes. Now, you can conveniently initiate, track and publish multilingual web content and translations from within your familiar content management system.

Translations by Acclaro for Contentful - How To

How does it work?

  • Download and install the Translations by Acclaro app from the Contentful Marketplace
  • Choose your preferred translation provider
  • Create a new translation project
  • Select source content and target language(s) with 125+ available
  • Import translated content (or send and receive translations directly in Contentful if you select Acclaro as your translation partner)
  • Review, approve & publish translated content

Collaborate for Scalable, Streamlined Localization Workflows 

With the Translations by Acclaro app, translating content becomes a streamlined process that makes it easier for you to reach new markets faster. When you partner with Acclaro:

  • You’ll be able to send and receive translations directly in Contentful.
  • You’ll have access to a professional team of in-country translators with subject matter expertise who will help you meet your deadlines with high-quality on-brand translations. 

Reach your Target Market Faster

If you’re ready to achieve faster time to market with fewer headaches, contact us today.