You want your multilingual content to connect with your target audience, but you’d also like to lower costs and speed up turnaround times. We get it. 

The good news is you can get quality translations without putting your whole budget into the hands of a human translator. Machine translation (MT) with human post-editing (MTPE) can provide accurate translations faster, at a fraction of the cost. And Acclaro can help you use it to your advantage.

Can a Machine Translation Service Meet Your Goals?

Not every piece of content is suited for machine translation. Highly nuanced marketing content, for example, is better off in the hands of a human translator. However, MT and a human translator (MTPE) can work in tandem to deliver the quality you need in other cases. Acclaro has the expertise to help you determine what content would benefit from MTPE and which machine translation platforms will meet your goals. 

The Machine Translation Process Considers:

Content Type(s) and Volume

A good rule of thumb is the higher the value and visibility of the content, the more likely a human translator is needed for the project (think, creative content with nuance). When content needs to be generally understood, has lower visibility or would otherwise not be translated due to budget constraints, machine translation is probably the way to go. Great candidates for MTPE include FAQs, instructions, technical documentation, knowledge bases, internal memos and product descriptions/SKUs for eCommerce sites.

Quality Requirements 

Rather than spending your budget on a process that exclusively uses professional human translators, you can get incredible quality and cost savings by integrating machine translation tools. With Acclaro, post-editing is handled by a team of professional linguists and QA specialists who have deep knowledge of your source content and branding. They can correct any machine translation quality issues regarding accuracy, terminology or style.

Speed to Market

The machine translation process typically creates efficiencies that can lead to faster deliveries than human translation. You can receive translations quicker than ever before, ultimately speeding up the time to market.

Work with the Best Machine Translation Team in the Business

Acclaro brings together a team of veteran post-editors, linguists and project managers who adeptly manage the complexity of machine translation. Along with their valuable expertise, you get the power of the latest tools and technologies, including translation memory (TM) and machine engine training.

Machine Engine Training

Our experts are able to evaluate whether your existing translations can be used to train the MT engine for ongoing and future translation work. Not only can we train the engine by using your  existing TM database, we also can employ real-time engine training with adaptive, neural machine translation (NMT) resulting in faster turnaround times and cost savings for you. 

Since we’re a platform-neutral consultant, we’re under no pressure to push certain MT solutions on you. Instead, you get a true partner who only recommends the engines that fit your specific requirements for quality, turnaround time and budget. 

Consultative Approach to Machine Translation Services

We’ve helped many leading brands build scalable MT programs with our consultative approach, which includes:

  • Requirements Analysis – Evaluating  your content type(s) and volume, quality expectations,  language targets and privacy needs
  • Content Analysis – Assessing files types, formatting and structure to determine if your source content is suitable for human translation vs. machine translation
  • MT Platform Evaluation – Determining which MT platform is the best fit for your localization project based on the results of the first two steps

Acclaro Delivers Machine Translation Quality You Can Trust

Acclaro is the trusted partner of many companies pursuing the benefits of MT. We can help you evaluate the engines that best fit your goals and provide quality translations to ensure you meet them—on time and within budget.