News: Acclaro announces new web localization specialty: ruby on rails

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News: Acclaro announces new web localization specialty: ruby on rails

The translation agency has built a strong track record localizing apps in this popular web framework for leading American tech companies.

New York, NY May 31, 2012—Acclaro internal engineers are adding Ruby on Rails, or RoR, localization to their set of in-house web specialties after a series of Ruby-based client projects. The Ruby web framework is popular among nimble tech startups that have an appetite for international market share.

“We’ve become Ruby specialists in order to deliver cutting edge localization solutions to our web 2.0 and other web application clients,” says Acclaro Globalization Architect Jon Ritzdorf. “Our localization engineers are able to work with the most sophisticated apps built in this framework and adapt them to any language market in the world.”

Some of the projects that Acclaro has worked on have been for Square and Threadless, localizing their web apps for Latin American and European markets. Square offers turnkey technological solutions to facilitate credit card payments via the iPhone, iPad or Android Phone. Threadless is an online community of artists who share, produce and print designs for clothing and other products. Acclaro localized these Ruby-based web apps to make them accessible and user-friendly for international customers.

Ruby on Rails is a precious jewel for web programmers who thrive on a speedy and smooth development process. It promotes the rapid prototyping methodology, is browser-independent and comes with several interesting plugins or “gems” available for customization from the community. One such gem is Ruby i18n, which provides a user-friendly, extensible framework for translating applications and providing multi-language support within a web app.

RoR also boasts other convenient features for multilanguage web applications. If implemented correctly, it has the ability to store the app strings externally for localization in “resource” files, typically “.yml” or “.po” formats. The localization process can be very straightforward if the web app was internationalized with one of RoR’s APIs.

Sribd, Hulu, Basecamp, Slideshare and CrazyEgg are a few mainstream sites that are built on the RoR framework.

“Ruby on Rails localization has become one of our core offerings and we expect increased demand from startups for this service in 2012 and 2013,” continues Ritzdorf. “Going global has never been so popular, and we have the technological expertise and market experience to help these companies make a smooth transition into international markets.”

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