Now available: Acclaro's translation connector for Drupal 9

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With Drupal’s latest update of its powerful CMS, the Acclaro product team has developed a new Drupal translation connector release to ensure Drupal 9 users can continue to seamlessly translate their websites.

Acclaro’s Drupal 9 Translation Connector follows on the heels of our well-received translation connectors for Drupal 7 and 8, and adds to our growing number of time-saving CMS and cloud integrations including those for platforms like Zendesk and Marketo.

Seamless integration. Faster translations.

As with previous versions, Acclaro’s service is built right into the Drupal interface, saving webmasters, managers, administrators and developers countless hours of work. This results in no more cumbersome, inefficient translation workflows. Your Drupal source content is seamlessly pushed to Acclaro for translation, effortlessly returned and ready inside Drupal for review and publishing.

Content integrations are one way Acclaro is making it easier, faster and more affordable for companies to expand into lucrative new global markets. By expertly localizing everything from web content, to software strings, to videos and documents, we help businesses gain the competitive advantage they need to succeed across cultures, in over 125 languages.

Ready to Optimize your Drupal Translation Workflow?

Follow these steps to integrate your Drupal instance to Acclaro

  • Install the TMGMT module and Acclaro as the Translation Provider.
  • Follow the Configuration Instructions.
  • Obtain sandbox and production authorization tokens from Acclaro.
  • Manually or automatically select content you want translated (with 125+ available languages).
  • Receive high quality translated content right back into Drupal.
  • Review, approve and publish your translated content.

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