News: Acclaro announces the launch of beyont, a company specialized in localization staffing, recruiting and globalization consulting services

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News: Acclaro announces the launch of beyont, a company specialized in localization staffing, recruiting and globalization consulting services

Beyont aims to help American businesses get global fast.

New York, NY, March 12, 2014– Today translation and localization agency Acclaro announces the launch of beyont, a new Acclaro company that will focus on providing businesses with globalization talent and consulting services. Driven by 15 years of experience helping American businesses grow globally through translation and localization, beyont is uniquely positioned to offer localization industry expertise and an extensive talent network for global product development, localization and marketing. The service offering is built around one objective: deliver the team and smarts that will enable companies to get to global markets faster.

“Businesses need localization talent to take a product to international markets and the know-how to help them achieve long-term success overseas,” says Acclaro founder and president Michael Kriz. “Beyont harnesses the highly-specialized network and screening processes developed over 12 years at Acclaro to meet the needs of fast-growing upwardly global companies.”

Global companies have continually come to Acclaro for advice on staffing international offices and contracting highly-specialized linguists and translation management professionals. Kriz observed that general staffing and recruiting firms with little or no knowledge of the international market or localization requirements have a steep learning curve to adequately fill this need.

To bridge this gap, beyont combines hands-on localization operations experience with the tools and resources of a dedicated staffing and consulting firm. Their network of globalization professionals has been vetted with the careful scrutiny of a company that understands the process front to back. In addition, beyont offers globalization consulting services that enable American businesses to develop cost-effective strategies for their international expansion, addressing everything from translation spend metrics to optimal localization organization and methods.

“Over the years, we’ve worked directly or indirectly with tens of thousands of qualified language professionals around the world. We have insight into what those people can offer and how they should be offering it,” comments Rui Monteiro-Claro, Managing Director of beyont.

As with Acclaro, beyont gives startups and established companies alike a place to go when they need solutions. Those solutions may be in the form of gaining more control over the globalization process, scaling global teams or outsourcing responsibilities.

“We are the first company to bring together this level of direct localization project experience and a platform for recruiting and staffing,” explains Monteiro-Claro. “Ultimately beyont is designed to help companies achieve the speed-to-market they need to expand with the highest possible profits.”

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