How to launch & manage a multilingual website - important steps to include in your website localization strategy

By Acclaro
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In our recent blog series, we guided you through the process of launching and managing a multilingual website. We dove into the details of each of the steps involved, all of which are featured in our eBook “Insider’s guide to launching a multilingual website

We hope these seven website localization steps filled you with more excitement than trepidation! If you’re overwhelmed, here’s a website localization checklist to keep you on track!

  1. Decide if a multilingual website is right for you
  2. Target wisely: by country or language
  3. Choose your international website structure
  4. Pick the right CMS platform
  5. Maintain Brand Consistency
  6. Use SEO to help prospects find you
  7. Maximize website engagement

It’s true that an effective multilingual site—one that’s efficiently built, seamless to use and connects with your target audience—takes an army to create. You need the partnership of many teams, including marketing, sales, coders, writers, designers and translators. But it should be comforting to know that Acclaro is ready to partner with you to make the website localization process as seamless as possible.

Don’t forget to download our eBook and keep it on-hand as you move forward with your expansion. 

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