Sandra De Luca celebrates her 10-year anniversary with Acclaro

Sandra De Luca

We’re thrilled to announce that Sandra De Luca, Language Program Manager at Acclaro is celebrating her 10-year anniversary with the company this month.

Sandra is a professional literary, technical-scientific English-to-Spanish translator. In the past, she worked as a freelance translator, in-house editor and head of an editing department. Sandra has experience teaching, including English and Literature for teenagers and adults. She was also a professor of technical-scientific translation at a university.

Ever since she was a translation student, Sandra wanted to work in the localization industry. In 2012, Sandra joined Acclaro as a Spanish Language Manager. Over the next several years, she worked with 200+ accounts in localization programs that involved technical, scientific and creative content. Five years later, Sandra moved into a corporate quality management role. In 2019, she became a Language Program Manager for one of Acclaro’s largest accounts.

Sandra is involved in customer calls for languages, linguistic quality and resourcing. According to Sandra, “I like to think of my role as a facilitator, bringing ideas to the table on new approaches to complex situations.” In her work, Sandra’s goal is to marry the linguistic and business worlds. She strives to ensure that everyone’s needs are met, including customers and linguists.

“What I enjoy the most about my job is interacting with so many people from different backgrounds and cultures. I feel very comfortable in a multicultural and diverse environment,” says Sandra.

Sandra considers herself a lifelong learner and is often in the process of learning a new language. She took up Modern Greek a few years ago and is currently working to improve her Italian. Sandra loves to read books and watch documentaries and enjoys spending time with friends, her two teenage boys and their puppy.

Sandra De Luca Anniversary

According to Sandra, “I distinctly remember my first day at Acclaro and how much of a mystery the world of localization was to me back then. It amazes me to look back and see how much I grew over the years. What’s best is that it is a never-ending process and one of the things I love the most about Acclaro – there’s always something new to learn every day!”

Congratulations on your anniversary, Sandra! We’re so glad you’re here.

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