Pauline Blanchet celebrates 10 years with Acclaro

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Pauline Blanchet Celebrates Her 10-Year Anniversary with Acclaro

We’re thrilled to announce that Pauline Blanchet, Global Program Director at Acclaro is celebrating her 10-year anniversary with the company this month.

Growing up in France, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy, Pauline came to the U.S. in 2002 to learn English and quickly found a job as an English-to-French translator. Since then, she’s built her expertise with over 15 years in the industry, joining Acclaro in 2012.

Pauline was originally based in Acclaro’s San Francisco office, then worked from home when she moved to Los Angeles. She now works remotely from her home in France. Because Pauline works with U.S.-based clients, her daily routine often adapts to their business hours.

In her day-to-day operations, Pauline uses a detail-oriented mindset to improve processes, drive efficiencies and grow relationships. She enjoys coming up with manageable solutions to complex problems, a skill that helps shape successful globalization strategies.

Outside of work, Pauline likes to cook and read when she’s not busy with the adventures of raising twin boys. Her favorite city is Rome and countries on her bucket list include Vietnam, Argentina and Brazil.

Pauline Blanchet is celebrates 10 years with Acclaro this year

According to Pauline, “Acclaro is a people company and after 10 years, I continue to be proud of the collaboration and shared goals we are able to achieve not only internally but helping our customers.”

Congratulations on your anniversary, Pauline! We’re so glad you’re here.

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