Miho Massey is celebrating 15 years at Acclaro this year

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Miho Massey is celebrating 15 years at Acclaro this year

We’re thrilled to announce that Miho Massey, Program Lead at Acclaro is celebrating her 15-year anniversary with the company this month. 

Miho was born and raised in Japan and loves to share aspects of Japanese culture. She has worked in the software development and localization industries for more than two decades.

Miho was a software test engineer at Microsoft, working on Windows and Office where she was on the team that tested Japanese speech recognition. She became interested in the localization because she could share her knowledge while learning about other cultures. 

In addition to Microsoft, Miho worked for localization companies in assorted roles: project manager, desktop publisher and Japanese translator.  

At Acclaro, Miho’s job is to understand the needs of clients, establish workflows and timelines for localization programs and execute processes to deliver high-quality results. Her favorite parts of the job are working with awesome and talented teams around the globe, seeing clients succeed in global business across cultures and knowing that she and the Acclaro team are part of their success.

Acclaro | Miho Massey Celebrates Her 15-Year Anniversary with Acclaro

According to Miho, “I really enjoy working with people who are passionate about culture, language and technology. With so much uniqueness and richness across the team, I feel we are connected, valued and empowered.”

Outside of work, Miho enjoys sewing, crochet, reading, yoga, and swimming. She likes to spend time with family and her favorite place is being under the sun at the beach.

Congratulations on your anniversary, Miho — 15 years, wow! We’re so glad you’re here.

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