Meet the Acclaro Interns: Ayoub Amnad

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In our “Meet the Acclaro Interns” series, we introduce you to undergraduate and graduate students who held intern positions with us during the summer of 2023.

Ayoub Amnad was born in Asliah, Morocco, in an Amazigh family. The Amazigh are an ethnic group indigenous to North Africa. When he was two years old, he moved to Ibiza, Spain and to this day, he doesn’t know what to say when someone asks him where he’s from. Ayoub grew up in a town called Santa Eulalia del Río and has been an avid reader and gamer since he was a young child.

Ayoub’s Acclaro internship

Ayoub’s internship was split across two teams: Quality and Engineering. In Quality, he coordinates IQCs (Internal Quality Checks), also known as LQAs (i.e., Language Quality Assurance). In Engineering, he works on documentation, as well as pre-processing and post-processing files for translation.

Ayoub begins his day checking emails and Microsoft Teams chat to see if he was assigned any tasks while he was offline. Next, he works on IQCs, communicating with evaluators, editors and translators to ensure the Quality process is going smoothly.

Later in the day Ayoub switches to Engineering tasks. There are many days in which Acclaro’s People Operations team organizes sessions for interns. They talk about different aspects of the company or the industry – for example, explaining the role of a Solutions Architect or how the Sales team works.

Ayoub’s undergraduate and graduate studies

Ayoub went to the University of Málaga and studied Translation and Interpreting (ES, EN, AR) with a focus in Conference Interpreting. “I actually graduated just a week before joining Acclaro, so this has been an amazing opportunity to put everything I learned in university into actual practice,” says Ayoub.

He plans to pursue a Masters degree in Conference Interpreting at the University of Granada. Ayoub already passed the entry exam for this program and is excited to get started.

Explaining localization to a family member

When asked how he’d explain localization to a family member, Ayoub provided this answer:

“Localization is when you translate something (normally an app, a program or a website), but apart from translating words, you have to bear in mind the reader’s cultural background. Here in Spain we use dd-mm-yyyy, but in the US, mm-dd-yyyy is used more often.”

Ayoub’s take on the Acclaro intern experience

One piece of valuable experience that Ayoub gained is writing effective emails. In his work with the Quality department, he has to communicate with people from different countries and regions. This necessitates tailoring correspondence to their specific cultural nuances and expectations, and he feels that the internship at Acclaro has helped him master this skill.

Commenting on his time at Acclaro, Ayoub says, “Something I will always remember about the culture at Acclaro is the community feeling. As an intern, I really want to understand how a company works and learn what my colleagues are doing. At Acclaro, if I ever want to learn anything about a specific role, I just ping someone on Teams and they are more than happy to have a session with me and explain everything I need.”

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