Marla Bloch celebrates 10 year anniversary with Acclaro

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Marla Bloch celebrates 10 year anniversary with Acclaro

We’re thrilled to announce that our Director of Client Development, Marla Bloch, is celebrating her 10-year anniversary with Acclaro this month. As a first point of contact for companies seeking translation and localization services Marla has positively impacted growth at Acclaro. The quote that’s guided Marla throughout her career is “Always deliver what you promise, never promise what you can’t deliver.”

Marla believes that integrity and accountability mean everything. About her time at Acclaro, Marla said, “I’ve learned so much and enjoy continuing to learn new things. It’s also great to be challenged. I never get bored! I feel so very fortunate to work with such a terrific team across the entire company! Acclaro’s success as a company is truly a team effort.”

After nine years of selling insurance and financial services, Marla was ready for a change and  found a new home at a localization company. According to Marla, “I wanted something a little less dry, a little more creative or culturally interesting. I found a position with a company that was expanding their business model and attempting to enter the translation market.”

Marla always loved other languages, so the new job seemed like a good fit. She’s been in the localization industry now for 16 years.

Marla’s joining Acclaro came with some serendipity. She was working around the corner from our San Francisco office and saw the Acclaro sign that mentioned localization. She’d wanted to get back into localization since the last company she’d worked for closed their San Francisco office. Marla applied immediately and was thrilled when she was hired soon after.

At Acclaro, Marla assists customers in understanding our service offerings and how we may be the right partner for their localization requirements. “As we move through the process, I will typically coordinate and manage meetings to connect them and their team with the relevant Acclaro team members and arrange for more detailed discussions, presentations, and demos,” said Marla.

She’s also responsible for providing customers with proposals and for working through the contract process. According to Marla, “As each customer’s requirements are different, I enjoy the variety. It’s like piecing together a puzzle for each new client. There’s also the satisfaction of helping clients find the right solutions to meet their needs.”

Outside of work, Marla enjoys anything that involves creativity and the arts. “I’ve been writing screenplays the last few years and also love photography. I draw a little bit and I studied acting in the past,” said Marla. She enjoys cooking and dining out, live music, movies, ballet, theater and museums. Marla also loves going on walks and taking photos during her walks.

Congratulations, Marla! We’re so glad you’re here.

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