How 7-Eleven captured the Indonesian market

By Acclaro
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The case of 7-Eleven

Quick-stop convenience isn’t really a priority in Indonesia, a country that loves hanging out so much so that in Indonesian, there’s a word for it: nongkrong. A favorite activity of Indonesian youth is to hang out at street-side food stalls called warung. With the aid of their local franchisee, 7-Eleven has become a modern twist on the warung, where young people can carry out a traditional activity (nongkrong) in a contemporary modern setting. 

How 7-Eleven did it

As outlined in our recent newsletter article, by expanding seating, internet access and inexpensive ready-made food, 7-Eleven capitalized on several local factors: a cultural love of socializing, a lack of outdoor gathering spaces and traffic-snarled streets that restrict mobility. Young people now flock to 7-Eleven stores — which are open all night — to hang out, listen to live music, use Wi-Fi, socialize and generally do nothing in a modern-day version of nongkrong. Because the Indonesian love of socializing extends to social networking, 7-Eleven uses social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and an iPhone app to reach its younger customers.

About the franchise model

7-Eleven’s success in Indonesia owes much of the credit to the franchise model. Franchises, with their established brands and readymade structures, are a relatively low-risk opportunity for aspiring small business owners in developing countries. In fact, 7-Eleven’s entry into the Indonesian market came about because the local franchisee approached 7-Eleven with a passion for the brand and lots of ideas for how it could be successfully introduced to the local culture. 7-Eleven’s first expansion into a new country in 16 years has been a resounding success due to their ability to adapt the brand to the local culture while maintaining control of their brand identity.

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