Employee Spotlight: Meet Sabine Federle, a German Linguistic Reviewer

Employee Spotlight: Meet Sabine Federle, a German Linguistic Reviewer

We’re excited that Sabine Federle has joined Acclaro as a German Linguistic Reviewer!

Poised between precision and passion, Sabine does her best to come from a place of curiosity, big picture thinking and attention to detail. She enjoys combing through the many fine layers of a text to help hone a well-crafted, high-quality translation.

Sabine has lived and worked in many parts of the world. In her home country of Germany, Sabine worked as an in-house translator. She studied translation and interpreting while in England and Scotland, then moved to France in her eternal quest to figure out the complexities and beauty of the French language.

Next, she moved all the way to Tasmania, Australia. Surrounded by the sounds and smells of the bush, she works from Australia as a freelance linguist.

According to Sabine, “Language connects all the dots between a happy place and a global workbench. I feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to be part of a team that shares that same passion.”

Fun facts about Sabine:

  • Her favorite word in English is “paraphernalia” 
  • Her favorite French expression is “feuilleter [un livre, etc.] avec amour” 
  • In German, “den Kragen aufstellen” has a certain vibe that always gets her attention
  • The spices she uses the most are chili, caraway and lime zest
  • Having made countless French crêpes working in hospitality for almost a decade she considers herself a legit crêpe maker

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