A day in the life of a head of marketing: Annemieke Scott

By Annemieke Scott
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A day in the life of a head of marketing: Annemieke Scott

Hello! My name is Annemieke Scott, and I’m Acclaro’s head of marketing. I’m excited for you to join me as I go through my day.

An active morning start

The exact time I start my day really depends on when I went to bed the night before, and can change if any urgent Microsoft Teams messages or emails start streaming in. Regardless, almost every day starts off with getting the lay of the land. I read some news highlights, and indulge in a few rounds of word games (Boggle is my favorite).

After that, I might WhatsApp my dad or brother in the Netherlands to say hi and check on how they’re doing. If the weather is favorable, I might go for a jog. Otherwise, I’ll hop on my stationary bike. If there’s a lot to take care of, I’ll postpone exercise until later in the day.

I like to keep my breakfast routine easy so I don’t have to think about it — I need to save that brain power for later! My go-to is a few slices of whole wheat toast, orange marmalade and at least two cups of breakfast tea with oat milk.

The work day takes off

After getting somewhat presentable, I usually start my work day with a few meetings. The creative team is based in the United Kingdom, so I might join an early call with them to talk through priorities for new and ongoing design initiatives. Or, I might check in with our content manager in France to give feedback on our content initiatives.

If there are no immediate fires to put out, I typically plan out the day ahead using my Rocketbook Smart Notebook. I jot down my priorities, get ready for meetings with various teams and transfer any pertinent notes to Trello. That’s an essential step, because those notes add up pretty quickly.

Cortana, my virtual productivity assistant, reminds me that it’s time to focus. Great! I have several large initiatives that I’m working on, and I need some uninterrupted time to focus. Today, I am reviewing a few marketing platforms that the team is evaluating. I’ll formulate my recommendations after collaborating with cross-functional teams and gathering their requirements.

Stretching out and lunch

It’s time to stretch my legs! I typically eat lunch standing up at my kitchen counter, because I find that my hamstrings get a little tight after sitting all morning (especially if I had a morning jog).

Today’s menu features a bowl of soup with a side of hummus and crackers. This meal is another favorite of mine — again, I like to keep my workday meals simple and hassle-free. I eat some combination of this lunch pretty regularly, so it’s one less decision I have to make.

Back at it in the afternoon

Before I head into the afternoon, I need a little caffeinated pick-me-up and maybe some chocolate-covered pomegranates. Then, I’m ready to tackle the rest of the day.

I don’t necessarily have a set schedule every day (apart from my breakfast and lunch routine, as I’m now discovering), but more often than not my afternoon includes a few more meetings.

These can range from meeting with the U.S.-based digital marketing team to one-on-ones with individual teammates. I enjoy these meetings, because they are great for connecting with our remote team on a personal level. We can spend a little extra time talking about what’s going on in our lives and have a little fun.

Today, I’m meeting with the LocLife™ team to discuss how we can further build out the community by showing the human side of localization. Thanks to feedback from other LocLifers and by keeping a pulse on world news, we came up with a few interesting topics to explore for future events.

Then, Cortana lets me know it’s learning time. I use this block to catch up on localization industry articles and reports, as well as the self-guided marketing training that we’re doing as a team. It’s important to me to continuously learn and stay up-to-date.

And with that, I wrap up the day. There may be a few things I have to take care of later, but first I’ll take some me time. I like to spend a few minutes gathering my thoughts, ideas, next steps and formulate them in notes for follow ups. After that, I check in with the team one final time and wish them a good night!

Nature, wine and time with family

If I didn’t workout already, now it’s time to strap on those sneakers and head out into the park and boardwalk by my house. I enjoy the fresh air, views of the Long Island Sound and being in nature — there’s no better way to decompress from the day.

I follow my jog with a light dinner (to keep room for that mixed berry parfait I’ll have later) and a glass of wine. After that, it’s time to unwind, spend some time with my family and watch “Outlander” (or whatever show I’m binging at the time).

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