Save the date for upcoming LocLife™: Business as Usual? - A New Era for Leaders

Save the date for upcoming LocLife™: Business as Usual? - A New Era for Leaders

As we’re all working towards a new version of “business as usual”, leaders are faced with having to guide their teams in this time of uncertainty.

How do leaders navigate these waters? Clarity of vision, combined with human-centered empathetic leadership is essential.

Learn how industry experts are leading their teams through these challenging times. Together we’ll delve deeper into leading remote teams, and identifying what works and doesn’t at different companies, industries, and in different cultures.

Join Acclaro’s global brand champion – Javi Diaz – for a discussion on why human-centered leadership is needed right now with leading industry panelists:

When? On Wednesday, September 28th, at 12:15 pm ET / 18:15 pm CEST.


Before and after the event, you can keep up with the conversation by joining the LocLife™ Community on LinkedIn.

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LocLife™ is an online event series hosted by Acclaro that delves into the human side of localization. Through panel discussions with leading brands and audience engagement, industry insiders join together with the business community at large to share stories about localization and life in general. Each episode focuses on a new theme, but it all ties back to our shared mission: to unite people through language.

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