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By Acclaro
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Get Ready for LocLife™: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Save the date for another exciting session of LocLife™, taking place Wednesday, February 9, at 12:15 p.m. EST/ 6:15p.m. CEST.

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Join host Javi Diaz as we bring together a panel of well-known localization pros for a live discussion about leading with emotional intelligence.  According to Javi, “I can’t wait to hear insights from these globalization experts on emotional intelligence and its impact on team leadership. I’m excited to learn how they navigate complex situations in which empathy and people skills are required. I also want to learn how they empower people to help them succeed.”

LocLifers are in for some personal and poignant dialogue pertaining to the importance of this soft skill in working with teams.

First, we’ll define what emotional intelligence is. Next, the panel will discuss how our thinking of emotional intelligence has evolved, the consequences of lacking it and the rewards of managing and enhancing emotional intelligence as a leader.

Our pro panel will include:

As always, the event will include special guests, Q&As and live polls. Before and after the event, you can keep up with the conversation by joining the LocLife™ Community on LinkedIn.

About LocLife™: the online event series hosted by Acclaro

The LocLife™ Event series hosted by Acclaro brings industry professionals together in a safe space to build on our respective strengths and explore the human side of localization. Panel discussions and special events explore leadership, professional and personal development, and how the industry can rise to the challenges global business faces today — from ethics and sustainability to gender equality, racial equity and more.

We believe our stories and experiences carry meaning and culture — inspiring insight, connecting diverse peoples and creating opportunities for growth. As we share our stories and join discussions, new ideas emerge that enrich our lives and our work. Together, LocLife™ participants are creating unique opportunities for personal and professional growth and contributing to the greater good worldwide as well.

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