First LocLife session a resounding success

By Acclaro
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First LocLife Session a Resounding Success

LocLife, the online event series exploring the human side of localization, launched on July 22nd, 2020, drawing a wide audience from all over the world. 

This inaugural session, Millennials. Figuring life out together, featured a panel of leading millennials in the localization industry, including Swati Narwal – global category purchaser at IKEA, Vojtěch Schubert – localization manager at Bohemia Interactive, Jeff Beatty – senior head of localization at Mozilla and William Spalding – localization program manager formerly at WeWork.

Did you miss out on the conversation? No worries—you can watch the on-demand session here!


Memorable takeaways 

Questions poured in ahead of and during the event, with panelists addressing each with their own unique perspective as industry leaders. Here’s just a taste:

In response to feelings on the status of the world, William Spalding remains hopeful, “I have a lot of fears about things, but I also have a lot of hope and gratitude. I’ve been able to connect with people more the past four months than I feel like I have in a very long time. While it’s been virtual and that’s been challenging, it’s also opened new opportunities and I’ve connected with people all around the world in ways I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

Jeff Beatty appreciates the level of flexibility that’s now offered by remote work. “I have interacted more with people just virtually in the last several months than I did prior to this time, and I feel like I’ve gotten more done. I hope to see these types of trends persist.”

When asked what they would change if they knew what they know now, Swati Narwal said, “If I knew [in my formative years] that the top five companies in the world were going to be tech companies, I would have maybe continued in the ecommerce sector that was quite new. I would have sought out a mentor to guide me in my life choices or career choices. The path I may have taken may have been a little bit different.”

Keep up with the conversation

Don’t forget that LocLife is an ongoing series that you can take part in with questions and commentary. Learn more about the program and what we have in store. Stay tuned for our next session and accompanying registration details.

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