Visa and Acclaro at Localization World: The Secret (Sauce) of our Success

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Acclaro is proud to partner with Visa to help streamline their linguistic review process and improve time-to-market on global product releases. How did we do it?

To get the full story, please join us at the Localization World Conference, in Santa Clara, California on October 9-11, where you will hear live and in person from Fabio Fernandes, Director of Global Client Training & Publications at Visa, and Lydia Clarke, Acclaro’s West Coast Operations Manager. Until then, we can give you a sneak peek of what we’ll discuss:

The Challenge

With seven languages and only two internal reviewers, Visa’s existing linguistic review process was a bottleneck. Multiple rounds of review combined with stretched resources and little available bandwidth meant review could take months — if it happened at all — and launch delays were common.

The “Secret Sauce”

In analyzing Visa’s stumbling blocks, we noticed that reviewers were given lots of high-visibility in-language content, at the end of the cycle and from people outside of their industry. Acclaro and Visa worked together to instill trust in the linguists’ abilities and continuous integration of review changes early on in the process, using the right technology to keep things running smoothly and with lots of process education for all involved.

The Solution

Working with Visa, Acclaro customized an approach that works. We sourced a team of dedicated reviewers, ensured commitment to a thorough process for each language, and got the review time down to two weeks — all steps, in all languages, on time. The result: time and money savings, better quality, a solid partnership, and happy reviewers.

We hope you will be able to join us at Localization World and hear Fabio and Lydia discuss the details of the process, including how to keep your global review team motivated and things to think about beforehand to ensure success. If not, we will be tagging Tweets during the presentation with #AcclaroLoc, and of course, you’re welcome to follow us on However you can, we’d love you to join in the conversation.