3 Top Translation Projects: From Gibson to Fitbit

Category: Translation Services

If you want a window into the current export market in technology, retail and interactive media, look no further than our top three localization projects from last year.

Translating a Classic Retail Brand with Gibson

Our collaboration with Gibson in 2013 was a major highlight. And this wasn’t just any collaboration. We had the opportunity to translate such creative marketing slogans as “get tuned,” “turn on,” and “rock out” into seven languages for the Gibson Guitar Min-ETune microsites. How did we do it? First we worked with Gibson to develop a creative brief defining the essence of the original copy and what it was intended to communicate. Our specialized marketing translators then used this guide to adapt pop-culture references for target language markets in China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Brazil and Russia.

Interactive Media Goes Global with Visual IQ

Workflow automation is one of the foremost trends in 2014 translation services, and that is exactly what we brought to the table for Visual IQ. Last year, this developer of cross-channel marketing software came to us with a problem that many content creators can relate to: a large volume of website copy to be translated and updated online each week. Our solution? A custom connector that routes the client’s new English-language Drupal content directly to our translation management system. Our human translators adapt the copy into French and German and send it straight back to the target language websites. Now that’s workflow automation worth highlighting.

Fitness Technology in Nine Markets with Fitbit

Over the past two years, we have had the pleasure of seeing Fitbit quickly and successfully expand into target markets including Korea, Japan, China, Germany, France and Spain. Fitbit has already launched a full Japanese-language website and is working with us to launch mobile, desktop and website application in Korean and Simplified Chinese. We are excited to see Fitbit flourish in the international marketplace as we continue maintaining its international webpages, applications, user support materials, FAQs and packaging into 2014.

Though 2013 may feel far behind us, the fruits of last year’s most exciting translation and localization projects continue to unfold in 2014 — along with ever-expanding opportunities in the global marketplace.