NEWS: Acclaro Announces New Summer Blog Series: Making Localization and Translation Fun

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From BBQs and beach cocktails to European travel, fine wine and gastronomy, this editorial series draws unexpected comparisons between localization and summer vacation.

New York, NY June 12, 2012—Summer just wouldn’t be fun without the sunshine. Sly and the Family Stones knew this and sang about it in their popular song, “Hot Fun in the Summertime.” The same is true for translation and its counterpart localization, the art of adapting products to other cultures. Localization is only fun when you cast it in the right light and familiarize yourself with how it works.

Acclaro announced plans today to make localization fun this summer by launching a blog series for localization and translation novices. Through vivid slideshows featuring favorite summertime activities, Acclaro writers will explore the connections between localization and hot summer pastimes like barbequing, lounging on the beach and mixing up refreshing cocktails. Each slideshow will serve as a summer sampler, offering vivid imagery and tasty comparisons between translation and “hot fun in the summertime”.

“The localization industry tends to communicate in code and jargon, making the learning curve steep for American businesses looking to localize or translate for new markets,” explains Acclaro Founder and CEO Michael Kriz. “At Acclaro, we communicate differently. We love what we do and we enjoy the process of teaching our clients about it. This summer blog theme is the latest in a series of initiatives designed to make localization fun (and turnkey) for our clients.”

A few topics that the Acclaro editorial team plans to cover this summer include dining out, fine wine, beach activities, travel, BBQs and cocktail mixers. To kick off the series, the first slideshow will explore three key localization lessons that can be learned when dining out. Look for the intro and slideshow next Wednesday, June 20th on the Acclaro blog.

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