How to support remote work & business continuity across the globe

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How to support remote work & business continuity across the globe

Acclaro’s precautionary and productivity measures are well underway as coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be a global threat. All of our employees have been working from home since March 9th, we conduct virtual meetings, and have ceased all non-essential business travel including conferences and events. We continue to monitor the situation with our worldwide community’s best interest in mind.

While Acclaro’s business was built to thrive with remote operations, we realize this transition can be difficult for many businesses—especially on a global scale. How can you ensure your employees are set up to succeed in disparate locations? What can you do to keep communications clear and understood in any language? Here are a few ways you can keep business operations efficient and effective during this challenging time.

Keep conversations flowing with over-the-phone interpreters (OPI)

Reliable multilingual phone communication is easy with over-the-phone interpretation services. You can patch a skilled professional interpreter into your one-to-one meeting or group calls. This way, it’s simple to successfully continue your business meetings, address client questions, and train and instruct your global workforce.

Make your virtual meeting content available in any language

There are plenty of ways to conduct a virtual meeting, each with the option to record the session. But that recording is likely delivered in only one language. Maximize your meeting content by having it professionally transcribed and translated. Then, you can make that valuable information available to meeting participants in a variety of formats, including memos, captions or subtitles, no matter what language they speak.

Bring in-person training to an online environment 

You want to keep employees current on the latest policies and practices. There are a number of ways to convert in-person instruction to an eLearning format, provide multilingual support content hosted online, or share multimedia audio and visuals on a global scale. For example, new or existing content can be adapted in many different languages, with professional subtitling, captioning and voice-over services, localized file designs, and more.

Assist customers, vendors and employees with multilingual support content

You are now communicating with customers, employees and vendors alike remotely, and chances are you have a lot of information to provide and questions to answer about the current situation. Whether it’s business continuity email updates to clients, instructions for your remote workers, or online FAQs and updates, providing multilingual support is key in times of uncertainty.

It’s business as (nearly) usual with Acclaro

You and your employees may not be brainstorming in the boardroom or gathering around a whiteboard these days, yet communication and collaboration are more critical than ever. We’re here to help keep your business moving.

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