Employee Spotlight: meet Alejandro Carbajal, Spanish language lead

By Acclaro
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New employee spotlight Alejando Carbajal

We’re excited that Alejandro Carbajal has joined Acclaro as a Latin American Spanish language lead! 

Alejandro has vast experience in the localization industry as both a practitioner and instructor. He teaches translation and English to translators and cultural mediators. According to Alejandro, “Teaching is an opportunity to give back to a younger generation. My goal is always to give them the advice and encouragement I would have liked to receive when I was in their place. I find a lot of joy and purpose in teaching.”

Prior to joining Acclaro, Alejandro worked in audiovisual translation, as well as translation quality evaluation for numerous brands. 

A parent to three daughters

Alejandro is a father to three daughters and says that parenting is the ultimate neverending task. “I love sharing time with my daughters and we’ve found ways to do just that, from bedtime stories during lockdown to finding obscure European children’s movies to watch together,” he says.

His daughters share his passion for playing video and board games whenever possible.

Playing the piano

Alejandro loves to play the piano. Growing up, he taught himself how to play and then took lessons starting at age 16. He never meant it to be more than a fun activity and is currently using his piano-playing skills to play children’s songs.

Favorite sites in Mexico

Alejandro lives in Mexico and works remotely from there. When asked about a favorite tourist attraction, he said, “Mexico has a long history, so we should definitely go to Teotihuacán, which is an ancient city that has been preserved for centuries. You can climb the pyramids, and it is an incredible visit. There are more archaeological sites we could visit, but most are far from Mexico City, and this one is conveniently located.”

Alejando also recommends visiting The National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, which has the world’s largest collection of ancient Mexican art and shows us what makes Mexico beautiful and rich in history.

If friends were visiting from outside the country, he’d take them to a traditional taquería, but not a touristy one. “Tacos are an integral part of our identity, and we like to show people the ‘right’ way of making and eating them,” says Alejandro. 

He continues, “I often drive through Mexico City’s downtown area before shops open, so I get to enjoy unusually silent and deserted streets as I pass by Mexico City’s Cathedral, the Museum of National Art, the Palace of Fine Arts, and one of the city’s crown jewels, the Angel of Independence. I’m a chilango (the nickname people from Mexico City are called) through and through. If I had visitors, I’d take them on that route for sure.”

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