Eight Things You Might Not Know Your Localization Agency Could Do

Category: Translation Services

Did you know that your localization agency is made up of more than just translators? It’s true. While translators and editors are an important part of our team, there are many more people behind the scenes who get your translation project from A to Zulu. Here’s a list of the services you might not know we offer:

1. Consulting: If you know you should expand into global markets but don’t know what you’re in for, we can help analyze your goals and plot your localization journey from “huh?” to “huh!”. When it comes to webinars, onsite training, preflight testing of your files to make sure they will support your languages, global competitive advantage analyses, recommendations on content management systems, editing your English so that it is “localization friendly”, giving you culturally-appropriate feedback on your colors, slogans, even the connotations of the pronunciation of your business or product names, we’ve got you covered. Or, if you already feel like an overextended octopus trying to manage a multilingual staff yourself, we can help you streamline your process, or even manage it for you. So go ahead: catch up on episodes of True Blood while we make sure your new mobile app’s name isn’t uncomfortably close to the Japanese term for “pig nose”. (Ew.)

2. Testing and QA: Your translated content may be pitch perfect, but you don’t want your back-end thingamabobs to chew it all up at launch or runtime. Do you really want your Spanish users puzzling through an Italian help system due to an “organizational error” by someone who couldn’t tell the difference between them when they setting up the system? We make sure your product looks, feels, and operates correctly in any language…even those pesky error messages and help systems.

3. Staffing: Sometimes it’s nice to be able to talk to your translators without a plane ride to Prague (although the Castle is lovely most any time of the year). If you want your localization professionals within arm’s reach, we can round them up and send them over.

4. Machine Translation: Nothing beats human TLC when it comes to translation. But if computer-assisted translation works for you, let us warm up the Translate-a-Tron 3000. Well, that may not be exactly what it’s called, but we are experts in the latest machine translation technology. We can batch translate big projects and follow-up with human editing (sometimes computers have trouble with nuance…shocking, right?).

5. Crowdsourcing: Do you have thousands of loyal fans around the world who will do your translation work for free? We can get them all lined up and ready to go. As with machine translation, we’ll also provide a human pair of eyes at the end to make sure things like “give us a shot!” didn’t come out as “stick a needle in our arm!”

6. Global Social Media Monitoring: Do you know who’s Tweeting about you in Taipei or Tanzania? We can help you find out and even Tweet back. Let us help you with global reputation maintenance on Facebook pages, review sites, rating systems, and more. You can also rely on us for fancy search ranking analytics on the popularity of your brand, service, or tool on international search engines, and let you know where you match up against your competitors.

7. Marketing Translation: You are only as good as your tagline. Do you need someone to reinvent your advertising campaign in most any country? We’ll happy do that and make sure nothing sounds too much like campaigns already in your target markets.

8. Notarized Certifications: We go to great lengths to make sure our translators and editors are the best of the best, but sometimes you (or state law!) requires an official affidavit affirming our translations are trouble-free. (This is especially useful if they are being submitted for use in court.) 

Pencils down, the lesson is over. Now that you know eight great ways we can help you beyond the basics of translation, we hope you’ll get in touch when the time is right.  

Photo attribution: Winged Wolf