Best Practices in Localization Project Management

Category: Translation Services

As mentioned in this Content article, one of the best things any localization PM can do is to prepare. Michael Kriz, CEO of Acclaro, polled his own team of PMs for ten tips and tricks to stay on task. If you’re a localization PM and in need of some guidance (or even if you’re not and are just curious about the process), here are five of them:

1. Go to the experts. Make sure your localization agency has the experience and qualifications for your specific project. If it’s not a good fit, you may not get the best possible result.

2. Know where your content will live and how it will be displayed. If you have a content management system, can it accurately render your translated text?

3. Take a look at your SEO strategy. Your localized site won’t do a whole lot of good unless your in-country users can find it. Certain sections may need special adaptation for your region.

4. Know how your localized site will interact with other products or services. Chances are you may not localize everything at once, but your site will probably reference a select suite of products…if so, will those products require translation? If not, how will you handle a redirect back to an English section of the site?

5. Test before you launch. Line up a testing team and make sure everyone knows when and where to look, before you leap. This is a crucial step in the process that can save a lot of frustrating rework later.

If those got you thinking, take a look at the full article for the rest of the tips (we’ve got a copy of it on our website, too).