Marketing your Brand Across Cultures – Top 10 Tips

Category: Marketing Translation

Launching a marketing campaign in a new market or expanding an existing campaign into other language markets can be a tricky affair. Without a keen cultural eye, even the best planned campaign can falter – even if it has enjoyed previous success in other markets. Acclaro recently released an eBook, Cross-cultural Brand Success: Top 10 Translation & Localization Tips, to help marketing teams build and launch effective campaigns.

To help you and your marketing team flourish in new markets, Acclaro is introducing a series of blogs with top tips and tricks all global marketers should know. Knowing and understanding your target audience is key to building a marketing campaign that resonates… So our first tip focuses on the importance of understanding the habits, tastes and lifestyle of your new target audience.

Tip 1- Determine Your Target Audience

Content that appeals to “everyone” runs the risk of resonating with no one. You will need to consider:

  • Will your project be global or regional in scope?
  • What are you desired target languages?
  • What is your budget?

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Are you still unsure about the answers to these questions?

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