Employee Spotlight: Meet Camila Madeira, our new Resource Developer

By Acclaro
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Employee Spotlight - Camila Madeira

We’re excited that Camila Madeira has joined Acclaro as a Resource Developer!

Residing in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Camila is pursuing studies in Advanced Psychology and hopes to complete her degree this year. Her people-oriented approach and attention to detail have helped her navigate different situations.

Camila loves to grow her own vegetables and being a very curious person, always has a book under her arm. Commenting on her role at Acclaro, Camila says, “I’m excited to meet new people, take on a new challenge and put into practice everything that I’ve learned!”

Fun facts about Camila:

  • As an Argentinian, she loves drinking “mate,” Argentina’s national drink. She plans to convince her Acclaro colleagues to try it
  • For many years Camila performed in musical theater even though she can’t sing or dance 😊
  • While making sourdough bread became popular in the early days of the pandemic, Camila is still practicing it now. She’s open to learning tips or trying new recipes


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