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Launch a multilingual Drupal website with Acclaro’s professional translation services and translation connector

With over 3 billion people – half the world’s population – now having access to the internet and with over a million websites running on Drupal around the world, multilingual web content is key to expanding into other language markets and establishing a global brand.

But building, launching and maintaining a multilingual Drupal website can be tedious, error-prone and time consuming. That’s why Acclaro has developed a Drupal Translation Connector enabling you to connect your Drupal website directly to our translation platform and services.

Acclaro’s Drupal Translation Connector eliminates cumbersome and manual translation processes and streamlines this process all from within Drupal. You simply connect your Drupal instance to our translation platform via the TMGMT plugin so you can select Drupal content, send it our team of vetted, in-country linguists for translation and receive high quality translations right back into Drupal for review and publishing.

Other benefits of the Drupal translation connector, include:

  • Launch content fast in 125+ languages: By eliminating manual and error prone copy/paste or import/export processes, you’ll be able to launch your localized Drupal website faster for a competitive edge.
  • Access to a global team of vetted website localization experts: Choosing Acclaro as your translation partner means that you’ll have access to a global staff of localization experts. You’ll work with professional, in-country translators with subject matter expertise who will help you meet your deadlines with high-quality on-brand translations.
  • Maintain brand consistency across cultures: We leverage the latest industry tools, technologies, and processes to help you maintain brand consistency across language markets. From terminology management to style guides, glossaries to translation memory, our technologies help you launch your multilingual Drupal content more quickly, cost effectively and consistently everywhere.

How to Localize your Drupal Site with Acclaro’s Drupal translation connector in 5 Easy Steps

After downloading TMGMT, Drupal’s Translation Management Tool, you will need to configure and install it. This is a quick process and once completed, you’ll be ready to get started with translations of your Drupal web content. If you’re short on development resources or need an extra hand, we can assist you in getting the plugin installed, configured and connected to our translation system.


Step 1: select content & target languages for translation

Go to the Drupal Source Tab and select Drupal content that you want translated. Next, select target languages of your choice.

Configuring Drupal for Multilingual Content -Select Drupal Content for Translation

Step 2: review your translation order

Before you submit your translation order, be sure to name your order, and optionally provide additional details and a due date. Once everything is correct, submit your content to Acclaro for professional translation.

Configuring Drupal for Multilingual Content - Select Target Languages

Step 3: track progress

Once submitted, you can view the progress of your order and translations in your Drupal Jobs tab or in the My Acclaro client portal.

Drupal Translation Connector - Check Translation Status

Step 4: receive completed translations back in Drupal

Conveniently receive translated content back in Drupal. You’ll be notified when translations are ready if you’ve opted in to receive them.

Configurring Drupal for Multilingual Content -Submit Translation Order

Step 5: review & publish translated content

All that’s left to do is review the translations and publish them. Simply check translated Drupal content, hit publish and your content is live for the world to see.

Drupal Translation Connector - Select Content Source

Once you have implemented these steps you will be able to better control your website translation process, launch faster in local markets, manage continuous Drupal translations, and reduce costs and headaches associated with manual website translation processes.

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