Introducing translations by Acclaro for Contentful — enabling streamlined translation workflows

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If you use Contentful and are looking to scale globally, we want to help you. We just launched Translations by Acclaro in the Contentful Marketplace — an app designed to help you streamline multilingual Contentful content workflows so that you can reach new markets faster.

You already know that Contentful is a market-leading content platform for enterprise — a powerful headless CMS offering a depth and breadth of support. But could your translation workflow be more efficient? Are you using third-party translators in a secure way? Are they using translation memory to save you money? What quality checks are in place? Are your content export and import workflows removing copy and paste errors? 

We developed the Translations by Acclaro app to streamline the process. And with your input, we can continue to address the challenges and opportunities involved in managing multilingual content.

To get even more out of Contentful, Acclaro has a solution

We’re looking for companies like yours to ensure that the Translations by Acclaro app provides the scalability and efficiencies you’re looking for.. Downloading will give you access to:

  • A more efficient way to create, review, approve and publish translated content
  • A user-friendly interface with dropdowns, filters, status updates and more
  • Translated content from your preferred provider, imported to or from Contentful (or receive translations directly in Contentful if you select Acclaro as your translation partner)

As you start using the Translations by Acclaro app, our team will look to you for feedback to further develop its capabilities to suit your needs. If you think any feature or function could be added, improved or changed, we want to hear from you! Your experience and insights can help make this an even more powerful tool for international success.

How to download and install the translations by Acclaro app

When you’re ready to experience what it’s like to work with more efficient translation workflows, it’s easy to get started. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Download Translations by Acclaro from the Contentful marketplace
    Translations by Acclaro for Contentful - Contentful Market Place
  2. Add Translator/Acclaro
    Translations By Acclaro for Contentful - Select Translator
    Translations By Acclaro for Contentful - Add Translator via API
  3. Create a new translation project
    Translations by Acclaro for Contentful - Create Translation Project
  4. Select source content and target language(s)
    Translations By Acclaro for Contentful - Select Source Content and Target Language
  5. Receive or import translated content back in Contentful
    Translations By Acclaro for Contentful - Receive or import content back in Contentful
  6. Review translated content
    Translations By Acclaro for Contentful - Review Translated content
  7. Provide translation feedback
    Translations By Acclaro for Contentful - Provide Feedback
  8. Publish translations
    Translations By Acclaro for Contentful - Publish Translations

Want to save even more time and boost efficiency? 

Partner with Acclaro as your translation provider and you can send and receive translations directly in Contentful. Plus, you’ll work with professional, in-country translators with subject matter expertise who will help you meet your deadlines with high-quality on-brand translations. 

Ready to get started? Download and install the Translations for Contentful app from the Contentful Marketplace or contact us for a demo today!

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