Steve Donlon, senior publishing lead, celebrates 15 years with Acclaro

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A day in the life of a publishing lead: Steve Donlon

Acclaro is thrilled to announce yet another team member’s 15-year work anniversary — and this time it’s our Senior Publishing Lead, Steve Donlon!

Steve is charged with all stages of production management for documentation and user assistance in every language we work in, as well as solutions development and implementation. On a typical work day, you can find him quoting projects, crafting workflows, handling quality assurance and desktop publishing (DTP), while also overseeing Acclaro’s DTP team in Bangkok.

“Being at Acclaro has been a great experience,” Steve said. It’s a wonderful, eclectic group of people from all different corners of the world with a strong team spirit.”

Steve first put his degree in journalism and communications to work in the local newspaper industry, and found himself naturally gravitating toward the graphics and technology side of the business. He noted, “Desktop publishing was in its early days back then, and it felt like a natural for me.”

Steve has been known to say he’s been in localization since before “localization” was in the dictionary. In 1997, he joined International Communications, where he first worked with Acclaro’s founder, Michael Kriz. While there, he was, in his words, lucky enough “to enjoy the challenges of publishing Thai on a dying Windows 3.1 machine.”

His career took several turns on an international scale before he joined Michael at his new company, Acclaro, in 2006. And, as he said, “the rest is history.”

Steve Donlon, senior publishing lead, celebrates 15 years with Acclaro

Away from the hustle and bustle of publishing, Steve likes to travel and is looking forward to bringing his wife and daughter to meet his friends in Spain and Japan. He also plans to head to Newfoundland, the rugged land from which his mother’s family hails, and eventually Antarctica, his dream destination.

A film and music buff, Steve plays guitar and tinkers with a few other instruments. His daughter plays piano and is currently learning saxophone.

“Some day, we will tour and play our music for the world,” he quipped.

Congratulations, Steve. We’re so glad you’re here, and we’ll be sure to see you and your daughter on tour!

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