Employee Spotlight: meet Janelle Sorensen, our new project coordinator

By Acclaro
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We’re excited that Janelle Sorensen has joined Acclaro as a project coordinator!

Janelle is responsible for a customer support site for one of Acclaro’s fastest-growing accounts. She manages localization efforts in eight different locales.

Each day Janelle tracks the progress of machine translation post-editing and engineering tasks to ensure that our clients’ users in each locale have timely access to updated customer support content. This often involves corresponding with post-editors and engineers by answering questions, sharing feedback, and monitoring deadlines.

Janelle grew up across the Puget Sound from Seattle in a town called Port Orchard. She spent her young adult years between Idaho, Utah, and central Chile, but has since moved back to western Washington, about an hour south of Port Orchard.

From internship to full-time role

Janelle worked as an Acclaro intern during the summer of 2022. At the conclusion of her internship, she was offered and accepted a full-time role with us.

According to Janelle, “I was really lucky to be in the right place at the right time. The team that I interned with was growing, and I was close to finishing up my localization certificate from the University of Washington. I already knew that I enjoyed the job, my team, and the company culture, so I was really happy to accept the offer and continue what I had started during my internship.”

“I’m really excited to continue working on the machine translation post-editing project that I was able to pilot alongside my manager during my internship. It’s been really interesting to see how it all started and now to watch it grow and evolve,” continued Janelle.

Janelle’s Acclaro internship

Janelle discovered the Acclaro internship during a LocLife™ episode about women in leadership. According to Janelle, “I was impressed with the company culture from the moment I applied. The interview process was really pleasant and the people I interviewed with were personable, kind and straightforward. My team members are kind and helpful and there is true camaraderie among employees.”

A typical day during her internship began with a check of email and Microsoft Teams to review requests that arrived overnight. She answered questions from linguists and shared quality assurance (QA) feedback on some projects.

“Then I check up on the projects that I have open, as well as those that came in that day, and follow up with next steps. I often have a meeting or two, whether it’s training, team meeting or just checking in with my supervisor,” says Janelle.

Once time-sensitive tasks have been completed, Janelle spent time updating Outlook rules, organizing files, looking up answers to questions from the day and researching about machine translation, post-editing and other localization topics.

Fun facts

Fun facts about Janelle, she:

  • Has three beautiful children who motivate her. According to Janelle, “They have watched me pursue my career and I hope they will always remember that they can do anything that they set their minds to. Especially for my daughter, that she can set aside stereotypical expectations of her and create a lifestyle that works for her and her own family someday”
  • Loves spending time being active outdoors. Hiking, road biking, and swimming spark the most joy for her
  • Is a cake decorator and always brings cake to the party
  • Enjoys free time out in the yard, gardening with her family

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