Acclaro's new giving back program is already making a difference

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Acclaro's New Giving Back Program is Already Making a Difference
Acclaro's new giving back program is already making a difference

At Acclaro, success has never been measured solely on a ledger. We’ve always believed that we do better when the world around us does better. It’s why we’ve long recognized the integral role charitable nonprofit organizations play in the communities we serve. And it’s why we have devoted both time and money to support causes ranging from fighting hunger to protecting the world’s tropical rainforests. In fact, giving back isn’t just encouraged at Acclaro, it’s the crux of our social mission. 

It’s in that spirit that we ended 2019 with the launch of our Giving Back program which has two ways we support the work of nonprofit charitable organizations. First, Acclaro is matching employees’ contributions (per employee in each calendar year) for qualified organizations. And, second, we have introduced Volunteer Time Off (VTO), so that all of our employees can take time off to support worthy causes and organizations.

Volunteering not only rewards organizations in the many local communities our employees call home, but it can have positive effects on a volunteer’s personal and professional growth, as well, as it provides opportunities to learn new skills, gain organizing experience and sharpen leadership traits.

Our Giving Back Program strengthens our corporate mission of contributing to a better quality of life for our fellow community members around the world. Since our founding, we’ve supported life-changing organizations like Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the Food Bank for Westchester and Friends of the Urban Forest to make a difference at home and abroad.

Whether through matching contributions or volunteer work, organizations like these, which we’ve supported over the years, will undoubtedly benefit from this new initiative. Our new program has already allowed us to support organizations like Action Against Hunger, World Wildlife Fund and Coalition Ending Gender-Based Violence, each embodying our belief that every life matters in every corner of the world.

The exciting part of Acclaro’s Giving Back program is that we will be able to strengthen our commitment to the worthy organizations we already support and, at the same time, aid other causes important to our employees and the communities in which they live. In other words, with this new program, we will be better positioned to help the world around us. And there’s no more accurate measure of success than that.

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