Our latest update to translations by Acclaro for Contentful simplifies translation workflows

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Our Latest Update to Translations by Acclaro for Contentful Simplifies Translation Workflows

The Translations by Acclaro for Contentful app just got better! Now, it’s even easier to manage and launch your multilingual content on Contentful.

Our easy-to-use app already allows you to submit, track, review and publish translations. Now, you have even more power and control.

Translate media assets with ease

The process for translating media assets is now much simpler. Select media assets as a content type, then choose media as a reference type. This is particularly helpful if you have existing asset references to be used for translated reference links.

Oversee translations from the improved dashboard

In the updated dashboard, you can view translation status, create new projects from source content, get Acclaro support and more.

Choose manual or automatic imports

You can also now choose between manually importing and exporting translation files or automating the process through an API.

Launch multilingual content faster

If you haven’t already, download the Translations by Acclaro app to get started. And to learn more about how Acclaro can partner with you to speed up your multilingual content workflows, contact us today.

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