The 10 Essentials of Multi-Language Loyalty Marketing

Category: Language, Marketing Translation

Brand allegiance can transcend borders. Here’s a crash course on the 10 ways you can cultivate loyalty with your global customers — while these are just teasers, our full newsletter article has the whole scoop.

1. Keep benefits and enrollment straightforward.

Make it effortless for customers to understand the benefits of your loyalty program by listing them in layman’s terms. Quickly communicate what’s in it for them and they’ll be less likely to lose interest.

2. Invest in a global Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) platform.

Data-gathering will be key to loyalty marketing in each international market. Familiarize yourself with your customers’ tastes to better cater to them. Manage this data in a central CRM to give all customer-facing employees a view of your customers.

3. Brand all customer touchpoints.

Each phase of the customer experience is an opportunity to express your brand personality. Work with a marketing translation services specialist to give your program collateral and digital content local flair and consistency in each market.

4. Innovate.

Be spontaneous and spoil your international members with unexpected goodies from time to time.

5. Customize everything.

Customize your loyalty marketing according to local culture. In some countries, birthdays are widely celebrated, while in other cultures, local holiday may present a better occasion to promote exclusive seasonal products.

6. Simplify reward redemption.

Simplify reward redemption for customers. Put a central, localized portal on your website in each country and use big buttons or callouts to guide them through the redemption process. Provide online and mobile access to points transactions, account history and reward offers.

7. Be responsive.

Provide real-time assistance to your customers. Develop a variety of in-country channels and allow your customers to choose how they’d like to interact with you — via email, chat, a mobile app, phone, instant messaging, social media, SMS or your website.

8. Address privacy concerns.

Some cultures are more sensitive to privacy-related concerns than others. Make sure your privacy policy is tailored to and translated into each international market.

9. Reach your customers via the right channel.

Determine where your international customers (and competitors) are spending time, both on- and offline, and develop your presence accordingly. It may be mobile apps, mobile sites, social media, or traditional computing platforms.

10. Localize your employee training materials.

Localizing your corporate training materials will raise the quality of your global customer service. Your international customer service agents have a powerful position in your company; they can make or break the overall customer experience.

For a more detailed look, be sure to read our full newsletter article on how real-world companies are meeting these objectives for multi-language loyalty marketing.