NEWS: As Mobile App Revenue Approaches $46 Billion, Translation and Localization Agency Acclaro is Ready

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Acclaro calls for American app publishers and developers to start thinking about going global this year.

New York, NY, April 3, 2014 – In light of recent findings about the rise of mobile applications in the global marketplace, translation and localization agency Acclaro calls for publishers and developers to start thinking about going global this year. Mobile app revenue is exploding across the globe and is expected to reach $46 billion in 2016, a fivefold increase over 2011, according to the September 3, 2013 report by Business Insider. With experience localizing mobile applications for major global brands, Acclaro is ready for the influx of demand.

“Mobile-first economies around the world are experiencing explosive growth in app downloads and that means English-speaking apps are being translated into new language markets at an unprecedented rate,” says Acclaro founder and president Michael Kriz. “American app publishers who have yet to translate their English-only apps are starting to realize they’re missing out on global market share and all the revenue potential that comes with it.”

Acclaro is experiencing increased demand for mobile app translation from companies that already have a presence in dozens of international markets, as well as from startup developers expanding into their first overseas market. Even companies with traditional desktop and cloud-based software are now opting to translate the mobile components of their products.

“The first step to strategic app localization is to measure the product’s potential for success in primary, secondary and tertiary markets,” comments Kriz. “Focusing on a few target languages and identifying the top platforms and devices in those markets helps ensure a safe investment in the localization of an app.”

Acclaro advises companies to establish clear goals for a release in new international markets. Having a clear big-picture goal informs all localization decisions and helps a translation partner better tailor services to a company’s needs. Acclaro offers tiers of localization services, from a simple one-time string translation to a comprehensive mobile app localization package including custom team setup, training, style guides and automation to support ongoing agile translation updates. For maximum impact on user experience and return on investment, app developers can also work with Acclaro to conduct app localization testing and app store optimization(ASO).

“The biggest risks going into mobile app internationalization can be avoided with due diligence,” says Kriz. “Know your markets. Know your goals. Know the quality of work you’re paying for — and work with an agency that has experience localizing apps.”

The Acclaro mobile app team advises clients on how to handle source files, support multiple languages and reduce costs throughout the translation project. Workflow automation, translation memory and integration with agile development teams are a few of the processes that help Acclaro to provide an efficient and consistently high-quality output.

“App localization will become a much bigger part of our service offerings going forward,” predicts Kriz. “It’s in the developer’s best interest to make sure their final product gives international customers their money’s worth. Based on the success of our clients’ apps that are already in global markets, we know we can deliver that.”

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