Buzz Beyond Borders with Press Release Translation

Category: Marketing Translation

Generating press interest in what your business hasto say can represent a significant challenge. The landscape for press releases haschanged enormously in the past fifteen years, and as the torrent of paid-placement and advertorial content grows, some people fail to realize that the press release is still a reliable tool for catching the media’s eye.

There are entire articles dedicated to the art of getting your story picked up in the U.S., some of which cover Google’s revised rules for how they view press releases, the trick of including stock ticker symbols to garner financial site pick-up, and clever ways to linkout to major news sites like CNN and Yahoo. Though pundits may cry otherwise, it’s clear that in ourmedia-saturated economy, the press release retains its value.

One powerful, but straightforward strategy many companies overlook is translating their press releases for international markets. Why restrict your press efforts to one country when you could have an impact in 160? Why limit yourself to English when media outlets around the world may be interested in what you have to say? Multilingual press releases get your business in front of international journalists and influencers and they contribute to building your reputation in new markets.

Even if you’re not yet offering your products and services internationally, press release translation can be auseful tool for gaining international exposure and generating buzz overseas. There’s a good chance that if news about your brand has traction within a country’s media, consumer interest will follow. Even an announcement of your intention to translate your services for a new market can help you as you weigh your options for going global.

If you do incorporate press release translation into your international marketing toolkit, it’s important to realize that your message shouldn’t be gambled on automated translation. The press release can act as your ambassador to foreign media, and there’s no sense in sending in a shabby release. It’s worth a modest investment in linguists who can hone in on your company’s voice and strike the ideal tone for each target market.

At Acclaro, we have a track record of creating high-caliber press release translations for top PR agencies and American brands. It’s one of the reasons we were recently chosen by Kontax as their exclusive partner for press release translation in the U.S. market.

Today, opportunity travels the globe. Why not follow it across borders?