Acclaro Turns 10!

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Who has 60+ employees, 6 offices in 4 countries, and turns 10 years old this year? Awwwww…you remembered! Acclaro proudly celebrates its first full decade of providing translation and localization services to clients across a multitude of industries.

But first, a look back in time….

In 2002, the world was a different place. “Spiderman,” Eminem, and IKEA topped the charts for Google searches that year. The Euro was freshly minted and printed, “American Idol” debuted, and the Williams sisters dominated the French Open. Switzerland joined the UN, Jimmy Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize, and wireless headsets gave millions of people the ability to walk down the street talking to themselves. (My friends and I, living in Manhattan at the time, had fun wondering “hands-free or just plain bonkers?” whenever we spotted someone aimlessly conversing down a busy city street).

Translation was a very different industry, too. I remember the days when WordPerfect and Quark were still clanking around (although they were not as popular as Word and FrameMaker). When linguistic QA passes were done as commonly on skyscrapers of printed documentation as on PDFs, when talking to translators meant a phone with a cord and a fifteen-digit telephone number instead of IM or Skype, and when fax machines were easier than email to send large amounts of documentation.  And when nobody had heard of Google Translate.

We’ve come a long way (baby), and we’re ready to celebrate. From now until our absolutely spectacular anniversary event in September, we’ll explore on our blog how the past 10 years have affected how we do what we do best. And we hope you’ll join us! An early 21st century-style fauxhawk and your finest Adidas sneakers are not required, but are definitely appreciated.

Photo attribution: Leo Reynolds