Empower Your Business.

Our translation API (Application Programming Interface) empowers businesses to automate their content translation workflows by handling large volumes of digital content and/or regular updates that need continuous translation.

Based on today’s latest web standards, our developer friendly, secure translation API will help product, development, marketing and localization professionals to:

  1. Keep content current across all platforms and local markets
  2. Reduce costs, delays and security risks of manual file transfers
  3. Speed up market launches of new, international content

Acclaro’s well documented, RESTful translation API uses JSON web tokens and comes with an interactive developer console to support fast and agile development.

How does it work?

Through a seamless integration between our continuous translation API and your applications, you can:

  • Order translations from within your applications
  • Automatically route content through our translation process/environment
  • Our team of experts translate in up to 60+ languages
  • Receive high quality translated content back for review and publishing
  • Select turn-around options starting at 4 hours with a continuous localization agreement
  • Scale orders to meet your translation needs

With full, automatic control of your translation requirements, our API gives you the best of both worlds: high quality translations and an automated translation workflow.

Interested to see how our translation API can help you to speed up turnaround times and handle your large volumes of content? Contact us for more information.