Rainer Plaschka

Rainer Plaschka Celebrates 10 Years with Acclaro!

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Rainer Plaschka, Acclaro’s German Language and Testing Lead, is celebrating his 10th anniversary with Acclaro. A 15 year veteran of the localization industry, Rainer began his career as a Freelance Translator while earning his degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston. His education in music technology and experience as a Translator, Language Lead and Project Manager, made him a perfect fit for linguistic testing for an Acclaro client in the music industry.

Since 2007, Rainer works on, and enjoys, troubleshooting user interface (UI) bugs, terminology detective work, refining processes and workflows, editing, and writing user manuals for tools.

Before joining Acclaro, Rainer explored the tropics around the world as a Scuba instructor between localization jobs. Now, he enjoys exploring dry land by hiking, biking and taking his golden retriever on long walks with his wife.

Congratulations Rainer!