Bring Local Flavor to Your Marketing Campaigns with “Transcreation”

Category: Marketing Translation

The Acclaro blog entry below is featured today on the Content Bureau Blog. The Content Bureau is a full-service copywriting agency that creates custom content for business, consumer, and technical audiences.

You and your team have spent hundreds of collective hours and thousands of dollars on the launch of a great marketing campaign in English. Along the way, everyone gained a few new grey hairs. Whew! You’re done, right? Bring out the Champagne, bonus checks and hair dye. Not so fast…your boss wants to take that campaign into eight new language markets. Now you need a great global campaign.

How do you ensure that your campaign maintains the impact of the original without having to launch new creative in each market? This is where marketing “transcreation” comes into play. Transcreation is a freer form of translation, closer to copywriting. The result is a text that’s linguistically and culturally adapted for specific countries and/or regions, be it for Latin America, AfricaEurope or even local U.S. Hispanic markets.

As marketers, copywriters and brand gurus, we know that marketing campaigns may contain double entendres, slang, idioms, clichés and the like. They give a little spice to your brand and show off how clever you are. For these types of campaigns, you need transcreation to bring the content to life for new markets.

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