Extensive market research and razor-sharp precision is required for timely, successful product launches. Add a brand-new market—in another language—to a launch and the pressures are three-fold.

Will your product connect with your new audience? Will it stand out among the competition? And, equally as important, does your packaging attract your target audience and meet all regulatory requirements in that market?

Expert localization is vital to a product’s success, especially regarding its packaging—yet knowledge of that market’s packaging and labeling standards is just as important. After all, if your product can’t grab the attention of your audience, how can it get into their hands? 

Let’s get your packaging ready for global markets.

The Packaging Localization Compliance and Standard Experts 

To create a successful product launch in a new market, your packaging and labeling must comply with that market’s regulations, while also avoiding copyright issues. 

Acclaro has expert knowledge of more than 140 languages and in-country experts across the world. With our guidance, your team can avoid costly delays and bottlenecks that often come with packaging pitfalls.

From using country-specific measurements to unique regional marks (e.g., CE and WEEE) to safety standards, Acclaro can provide a packaging consultation that ensures compliance. This way, you can launch on time, on budget and with confidence.

An Extension of Your Brand Team 

Not all product names translate across languages. 

The Acclaro team can help you navigate the (sometimes choppy) localization waters to ensure your product name resonates with your audience. And if it doesn’t? We can work with your brand to find a smart solution for success. 

Effective translation of your packaging may require transcreation or creative adaptation to ensure it retains its meaning with cultural sensitivity. Acclaro’s skilled translators can essentially “recreate” your creative copy in your target language, while making sure your product’s promise stays intact.

Maximize Your Packaging’s Visual Impact

You only have so much design space to tell the story of what your product does and how it benefits the consumer. And when translating to another language, character count can become troublesome. 

Partner with Acclaro, and we’ll skillfully translate your product’s packaging and labeling, so you convey all the pertinent phrasing and symbolism needed to connect. 

Does your packaging require a bilingual presentation? Do the images tell the correct story and capture attention? These are just some of the important questions that Acclaro can help answer to ensure  your product is a resounding success in new markets.

Don’t take your packaging translations for granted. Find out how Acclaro can help your products stand out, attract new consumers and create new champions for your brand.