Professional Thai Translation Services.

Take Your Business to Thailand

Looking to access the almost 70 million Thai speakers in their own language? Thai translation can initially seem daunting as this phonetic language has forty-four consonants, fifteen vowel symbols and four tonal marks. While standard Thai is based on the language of Bangkok, there are four major dialects spoken throughout Thailand as well as five different registers of the language (ranging from common, informal Thai spoken between friends to language that is used to talk to or about Thailand’s royal family). Given this complexity, where should your business turn for Thai translations that are accurate and make sense to your new market?

Thai Translation for Global Companies

Acclaro uses Thai translation experts to ensure accurate, quality results, no matter the subject. We use the latest technology, quality-driven processes and in-country language experts to ensure your Thai translation hits just the right notes. No matter if it’s software localization, marketing collateral or document translation, we have the expertise to provide the translation your company needs, when you need it.

Thai Market Trends and Technological Forces

Demand for Thai translation services is driven in part by rampant internet growth in the country. As broadband access becomes ubiquitous and smart phones with internet access become commonplace for Thai people, demand for translation services will continue to be a major priority for companies looking to capitalize on the Thai economy.

Thai internet users are fully engaged in social networks and leveraging those networks for eCommerce, too. Working with an agency who specializes in Thai translation services can help you understand how to communicate clearly and effectively not only in Thai, but in the context of the social networks and websites Thai customers use.

The Thai market is looking very strong in the years to come, thanks to increasing network speeds, the expansion of government-sponsored free WiFi hot spots, and declining prices for network access. As recently as 2013, the average time spent online by Thai citizens has risen to 32 hours per week. All of this adds up to a potentially lucrative market for your business, and Acclaro’s Thai translation services enable you to capitalize on the opportunity.