Streamlining decentralized translation processes with a centralized approach.


A renowned SaaS marketing software company and management of a leading commerce platform came to Acclaro separately, but they had an identical challenge. They both needed a better way to manage a highly complex, continuous localization program with thousands of translation requests and ongoing product releases.


Juggling the discord of a global workforce, inefficient processes and wasted resources, both companies faced similar translation and localization challenges: 

  • Decentralized offices and staff, each lacking knowledge of localization best practices and requiring multiple approvals from various stakeholders
  • Difficulty maintaining quality of high-volume translation requests in dozens of languages with tight, overlapping deadlines and sudden changes in scope
  • Lack of streamlined technology and processes to collaborate, manage files, monitor status and track budgets 


Acclaro partnered with each company to customize their own scalable localization program that streamlined processes with powerful partnerships, supportive technology and insightful metrics:

  • Expert Team
    • From project managers and translation experts to QA experts and solutions architects, we maximized expertise and minimized redundancies
  • Technology
    • The My Acclaro translation management platform provided on-demand access to request, manage, track and view translations with hierarchical permissions
    • Tailored services and technology, including integrations, agile-ready translation, and access to our API helped minimize costs and delays
  • Data-Driven Insight
    • With new visibility at every step of the supply chain, both companies gained access and insight into translation spend, user activity and resources

Highlights & Results

With a trusted partner and My Acclaro to depend on, both companies continue to enjoy enhanced visibility, improved translation quality, faster turnaround times and reduced costs.

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