Serving Health Care and Pharmaceutical Communities.

Our work translating health, pharmaceutical, and scientific products helps community and global health organizations expand their reach into new language markets. Acclaro’s industry specialization provides the following benefits:

  • Accurate medical terminology (this can be a matter of life or death!)
  • Regulation-approved translations for every sector
  • Audience-specific brand voice for patients, consumers, and clinical professionals

Global Health Care Speaks Many Languages

Our expert linguists and engineers have worked with life science and health care leaders to translate products ranging from health information websites and laser-eye surgery device manuals to blood-glucose monitoring software. Acclaro’s industry-specific localization health services include:

  • Product, instruction, label, and packaging translation
  • Multilingual desktop publishing according to regulations
  • Translation and QA of instrument software and firmware
  • Clinical trial translation
  • Consumer health content