When you’re launching and managing global digital campaigns, you need professionally translated content that engages local audiences. But this process can be cumbersome and erroneous when using the Marketo Engagement Platform™ alone. With the Acclaro Translation Connector for Marketo, you have an easy, seamless way to translate and launch multilingual content.

Streamline the Translation Process.

This integration enables you to have your Marketo assets translated by professional, in-country linguists into over 140 languages and delivered right back to Marketo. No more manual copy and pasting. No tedious importing and exporting. And no need for IT or development support. Just the ease and convenience of a tool that makes translation easier than ever.

With just a few clicks, you can:

  • Activate the Marketo integration In Acclaro’s translation management platform
  • Select Marketo assets like emails, landing pages snippets for professional translation
  • Receive translated content right back into Marketo for review and publishing

Watch this short video to see the connector in action:

By streamlining content transfers, you can save the time, money and meet deadlines more quickly. The connector enables you to engage local audiences effectively and scale even the largest multilingual marketing campaigns.

Ready to establish your global brand with reduced turnaround times, costs and stress? Discover how the Translation Connector for Marketo can help.

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