Translating a Website into Hindi, German, Spanish and Arabic? No problem!

Acclaro makes the most complex technical challenges simple. And complex can be an understatement when you’re translating a website or software package into Hindi, German, Spanish and Arabic — simultaneously.

Technology-Powered Services

While our translation and localization services are executed and managed by experienced Acclaro team members, technology helps make us more efficient. We deploy the latest industry tools and technologies to assist our team of professionals — reducing manual tasks, automating steps and inserting quality checks. This translates into quicker turn-around times, better quality and lower costs for you.

A Sampling of Our Technology Stack

Some of the technologies that have the greatest impact on our translation process include:

  • Client Portal: We offer you 24-7 access to our firm to request quotes, share files, see project status or review budgets.
  • Connectivity Options: Easily share files via API, email, ftp, as well as custom, web based connectivity.
  • Workflow Automation: Our team uses specialized workflow tools to automate hand-offs between our global resources. This keeps the process moving quickly and minimizes the effort of running frequent updates to small projects.
  • Terminology Management: Using approved terminology is critical to smooth-running localization projects. Our terminology management tools ensure that our global teams develop, maintain and apply the correct terms for your products and organization.
  • Translation Memory: Translation Memory technology is a core component in a translator’s toolbox. It creates an environment for the translator to work, saving every sentence that we translate in real-time to a database we maintain for each client. When the same or similar sentences appear in new versions of the client’s English text, the tool automatically recycles the translation or presents the translator with the previously translated sentence for editing. This greatly enhances the productivity of our translators, saving you time and money while ensuring consistency and adherence to previously approved work.
  • QA Testing Environments: We have invested in extensive infrastructure and tools for our QA Test labs. We maintain foreign language versions of all major operating systems and platform technologies to replicate our clients’ environments. These virtualized test environments enable us to efficiently deploy any configuration without significant setup at multiple stages of the project.